Berserker [Common Talent. (+1 Passive Agility), Sunken Predator [Common Talent, Generic Talent] - Enemies you hit in the water or the depths have their speed buffs nullified and are slowed. Although it lacks the trainers to help level your Oath's Mantras, its exclusive abilities and uniqueness makes up for it. Maps; Locations. (+4 Elemental Intensity), Return to the Dark Ages [Rare Talent] - Your incoming and outgoing elemental damage is reduced by 35%. As you can see from the table above, there's not really one single weapon that stands out as the best right now. Once recalled they will take the form of a glowing sphere which can be placed on a mantra table, located within populated islands. Has a best mobility mantra "Ice Skate" because of its legendary modifier. Talents are the main aspect of your character's build. May be added in the future. If you have a primary gun equipped your critical will be replaced with a long range shot. d Perseverance [Common Talent, Fortitude] - When knocked down, you get back up again more quickly. (+3 Elemental Intensity), Reduces the damage taken from your flames done to you by 50%, Sources of self inflicted fire damage are: Agitating Spark, Flame Within, burning grass created by the user. (+7 Sanity). Armor Conserver [Common Talent] - You lose 15% less armor when hit. Warden's Blades - Creates 4 spinning blades that revolve around you very fast. (+5 Elemental Intensity), Prerequisites: 30 Flamecharm, 15 Fortitude, Unwavering Resolve [Common Talent] - Getting parried punishes your posture 50% Less. Prerequisites: Taunt (Charisma Mantra), 90 Charisma. Create an account, join our Discord server and read our editing policy! Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! These will be the mantras you will mainly be using to deal damage to your opponent. (+2 Passive Agility, +2 Health). To use your off-hand gun, press M2. (+5 Health). Goes on a??? Apart from that, they share similar traits to their respective category of weapon. Stacks with sitting next to it. Prerequisites: Herbivore, 10 Fortitude, vomit once. If the user has Bullets in their inventory, they will deal 20% PEN. The enemy must not be in combat to trigger this effect. Wildfire [Common Card, Flamecharm Exclusive] - Pressing [F] before releasing your Flame Impact will release a wider but shorter flame. Reduce posture damage taken by 10% while two handing. They both have bleed, and while alloyed has higher attack speed, ther is no endlag on the axe. (+8 Sanity, +2 Elemental Intensity), Prerequisite: 20 Willpower, Agitating Spark. Prerequisites: Fire Palm (Flamecharm Mantra). (+4 Elemental Intensity). (+3 Elemental Intensity, +3 Health), Prerequisites: Galebreathe at power 1 or obtain from Galebreathe trainer (Friid), Master Galebreather [Galebreathe Exclusive] - You can now obtain 3-Star Leveled Galebreathe mantras. Excels in keep the opponent locked down and under pressure. (+3 Health, +2 Elemental Intensity), Prerequisites: 40 Willpower, 70 Flamecharm. A handful amount of Talents are locked with a prerequisite. Breathing Exercise [Common Talent] - Your sanity recovers more quickly once out of terrifying situations. The 3rd shot apply your attunement's elemental effect: Flamecharm: Your bulllets burn/create an explosion (Lava Serpent), Frostdraw: Your bullets slow/applies crystal (Crystallization), Shadowcast: Your bullets blinds the enemy (they do not steal ether). Deepwoken Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Snake Oil [Common Talent] - Okay, the amount you're charging people for your items is getting downright criminal. Bodyguard Detail [Common Talent] - If you're attacked in an allied territory, your allies will come rushing to your aid. Lose less hunger. Emperor Flame [Common Talent, Flamecharm Exclusive] - Absorb fire produced by you, once you reach 5 stacks your next attack will be an automatic explosive finish flourish. (+3 Elemental Intensity), Prerequisite: 40 Thundercall, 20 Medium Weapon, Adept Thundercaller [Common Talent, Thundercall Exclusive] - You can now obtain 1-star Thundercaller mantras. They are located inside a small cave with acid that must be ran throught, not far from the Megalodaunt in the area. Prerequisites: 60 Flamecharm and Agitating Spark, Pleeksty's Faith [Common Talent] - When on fire, automatically quench flames at the cost of some ether. Intelligence Unbounded [Common Talent] - You have gained the ability to surpass your limits and train your Intelligence to its fullest. Sing - Charm those around you with your powerful voice. However, if you use the Shrine of Chance to remove the mutually exclusive talent that you currently have, the other talent returns to your talent pool so that it may be obtained once again. Prerequisite: 65 Willpower, 40 Intelligence. However in their rage they do extra damage. Shadowcast mantras deal 20% more damage at night (XX:50-XX:10). Vesperians will only gain 8% armor from this talent, totalling to 13% with their own natural armor. Unreliable on high ping. Last Laugh [Common Card, Flamecharm Exclusive] - Gain the ability to incinerate yourself. The status effect is represented by blood pouring from the legs. Prerequisites: Power 13, 65 Thundercall, Resolve Crusher. Choosing the 2nd option allows you to unlock the talent Armor Piercing after talking to him again. You cannot parry attacks during the invisibility, which could trip up your muscle memory. (+1 Ether). Perform a cleave made of fire at close range. Prerequisites: 10 Willpower, Breathing Exercise, Disbelief [Common Talent] - You're resistant to the effects of Illusion magic. Etrean Luminant. Comes with a whole new variety of Mantras. Initially, the max Weapon stat you can get is 75, but you may increase it to 100 via unbounding your weapon stat (by completing this quest). Justicar's Prowess [Common Talent] - Jus Karita +30% posture damage against other fist styles. When casting Lightning Impact, hover above the ground and fire multiple projectiles. Gfinity Esports is supported by its audience. Grand Feast [Common Talent, Generic Talent] - Regain tempo, ether, blood and health when gaining hunger from killing. 3. QuickDraw [Common Talent] - Allows you to fire your offhand gun right after swinging [not necessary on dual guns]. Kickstart [Common Talent, Thundercall Exclusive] - Play the resurrector. Before you go, we've got plenty of other handy guides for some of the trickier Roblox games out there. Prerequisite: Turn in 5 pure ores at a blacksmith. Stacks with other means of fall damage reduction. You can't get very far with just a weapon and skill alone; mantras can turn the tide of a battle easily and is what makes Deepwoken's combat very deep and engaging, with various mechanics to accompany them. Deal damage around you whenever you steal ether. Including the ability to block weapons with your hands using Ether. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. The man that you need to find is on a shore on the left of the inn. If you hit someone while on fire, apply fire damage. Adept Frostdrawer [Frostdraw Exclusive] - You can now obtain 1-Star Leveled Frostdrawer Mantras. The first and second option will result in her demise, either by Horseshoe Crabs or by the hands of the player. Prerequisite: 10 Fortitude or 10 Willpower, 30 Intelligence. (+5 Elemental Intensity, +2 Health). Prerequisites: 30 Fortitude, 10 Willpower, Use a Shield. Reduced Ether and Reservoir regeneration. Can be used to go through walls if you can aim at the knocked entity through it. Attributes are normally allowed to go up to 75 (77 if a race start with +2 in it). (+2 Elemental Intensity), Flaming Flourish [Common Talent , Flamecharm Exclusive] - Set enemies on fire when you flourish them. Azure Flames burn deals 9 damage per second. Prerequisites: Grasp on Reality, 50 Willpower, 50 Fortitude. Use your lightning to defibrillate your allies on the battlefield. Enchanted weapons always have at least one star. Prerequisites: 40 Willpower, all 3 Mental Fortress talent, Blindfold and read the inscriptions in The Temple of the Forgotten Flame. Whenever you land the critical of Jus Karita, you can immediatly use it again with no delay. All-Consuming Flame [Common Talent] - Your flames will incinerate unconscious Targets much faster. Resolve Crusher [Thundercall Exclusive] - Lightning moves now have a chance to apply "Electrify", attacks from eletrified opponents are converted into lighting damage, but will deal 10% less damage to you. (Mudskippers with miner helmets and pickaxes.). Similarly to weapons and armor, mantras can also have 1-3 stars which correlate with their rarity and strength. Talk to Ciea which is located inside of the hive widow cave entrance. Applying chill or freeze now applies ice crystals on the enemy instead. Prerequisites: 50 Shadowcast, 25 Intelligence, Dark God. Cancelling your roll quickly will grant dodge frames equals to the length of a regular roll. While not empty, receive 5% less damage from every source. Frost Grab - Command grab that makes you shortly rush forward and grab your opponent by their throat, choking them. Quick, Nimble, and Rapid. (+1 Health), Prerequisite: 50 Heavy Weapons Mastery, Greathammer equipped. Mystery Mantra - Receive a random mantra in the same category as the other mantras in the whisper. Therefore, a weapon with 0.5x swing speed would take close to 1 second to swing, and a weapon with 1.0x would take close to 0.5 seconds to swing. The player will say the name of the mantra they cast in a chat bubble. Whatever you do, do not give up! Offhand tools/weapons, are tools/weapons that you wield in your offhand and in order to be used require you to one hand your main weapon. The Cold Forge [Common Talent, Frostdraw Exclusive] - Your forge more shurikens when casting on ice. The ring breaks after sustaining a certain amount of damage. It is able to be able to both be fired and used as a pole-arm. Mantras are a key aspect of combat, and it is incredibly important to master the usage of mantras while fighting to get the edge over your opponent. (+4 Elemental Intensity). While in combat, this ability cost Ether to use. Most ingredients can be found at Fort Merit. 10s cooldown. (+4 Carry Load, +2 Passive Agility, +2 Health). However, if you pick up the body you gain the speed boost for 20 seconds. Ether Kit [Common Talent] - It's extra Ether, do you need anything else? FIND A SPECIFIC TALENT: Input the talent name to find the specific talent and its requirements. Crystal Impale [Requires Glass Path] - Jumps up and then smashes into the ground dealing multiple hits. New to the Wiki? Black Out [Common Talent, Shadowcast Exclusive] - Block breaking an opponent obscures their vision with darkness more potent than your Shadow mantra. Conquer your Fears [Common Talent] - Killing the beings of the deep replenishes your sanity somewhat. (+1 Passive Agility, +3 Elemental Intensity), Prerequisites: 25 Agility, 40 Flamecharm, Warding Radiance, Hell's Partisan [Common Talent, Flamecharm Exclusive] - After landing a flame dagger on an opponent, your next hit against them will impale with a divine spear from above. (65 LHT req), Dragoon: 20 damage, 12 range, 12 LHT scaling, 0.8x attack speed, 500 notes (1). Just pick whatever outfit you can make that has highest resistances. Uses dark energy to siphon Ether from others into the user's own Ether. Mantras you obtained through your Oath. Gain +20% damage and increased movement speed while the fire is active. (+3 Elemental Intensity, +3 Health), Static Fakeout [Rare Talent, Thundercall Exclusive] - Roll cancelling immediately after a parry will cause you to teleport behind your opponent. 3-4 seconds cooldown between knock preventions. pages. Players are only slowed a little bit for less time instead. Giantslayer [Common Talent] - Deal more damage to larger foes. (+1 Ether, +5 Reservoir, +2 Health), Prerequisite: Static Link, 50 Thundercall, 15 Intelligence. "Larger foes" being anything that isn't a humanoid NPC. S Glass Path: Crystallization [Frostdraw Exclusive] - Your ice abilities cause ice crystals to grow on your opponent instead of slowing them. On your next Power Level, you are able to pick another hand of cards. (+2 Passive Agility), Negate the speed penalty of critical health (<30% HP). A Fold can be used if you are not satisfied with your current hand of cards, giving you an additional hand of cards on your next power increase. A pre-given list of first names and race specific last names. 1 / 3. friends. FEAR OTHER PEOPLE!!! Brace - Give yourself full hyperarmor temporarily. g (+2 Passive Agility, +5 Elemental Intensity). (+2 Elemental Intensity, +3 Health), Prerequisites: 40 Galebreathe, Breathing Impact, Breathing Impact [Galebreathe Exclusive] - When knocked into objects by wind mantras enemies take additional blunt damage based off of how hard they are hit. ALL WEAPONS IN DEEPWOKEN First, you need to understand that in Deepwoken weapons are divided into a few categories. Reduce knockdowns (like heavy weapon crit, ascension, etc) duration by 30%. Whiffing will double the cooldown to a maximum of 30s. Prerequisites: 20 Strength, Murmur: Tacet, Jus Karita. The Sword is the mid-point of the other two weapon classes, with average damage, swing speed, and range. A well-placed mantra cancel can lead to some crazy mix-ups. Third Interrogation [Thundercall Exclusive] - Electrified attacks do 50% less damage to you. Changing your stance will change the way you hold your weapon. These Talents are designed to improve and/or reward your ability to roll out of danger. Underdog [Common Talent] - You deal slightly more damage to those with higher HP than you. Grant the speed from Wind Gates to the boat you are driving for a short duration. (+1 Passive Agility). Alternatively, you can go to Starswept Valley and pick up some Bluecaps from the hidden library near Lightkeeper Temple (Requires a mantra that can destroy blocks, needed for gaining access to the room which opens the door to the library). Water off a Duck's Back [Common Talent] - Venting will shift any elemental status effects affecting you onto those hit by your vent. There's a gun technique that you can learn from a quest giver outside the inn at Summer Isle. (10 Cards total, 2 choices). Ice Mantras cost 40% less ether if casted while standing on ice. If you're completely new to the game, we'd recommend chasing one of the simpler weapons, like the sword. Can be achieved with Strong Left or any similar skill that can break down rock doors. Medium Weapons increase the windup by 10%. Greatswords are bigger than normal swords, possessing a large grip for the wielder to increase leverage. Landing M1 attacks on suffocated targets apply a new stack of suffocation. Prediction - Predict an opponents attack and reflect it. Silversix: 10, damage, 10 range, 13 LHT scaling, 0.8x attack speed, 75 echoes (1). ], Prerequisites: 75 in any Weapon Mastery attribute. Recover sanity when killing monsters in The Depths. Power Icon indicates a level-up at the top center of your screen. (+1 Posture, +4 Carry Load). After you don't take damage for 3 seconds, gain 300% health regen while running. Fire Gun - Upon activation, shoot a rapid bullets made of flame. If the user have no attunement, True Ether Bullets defaults to Thundercall. Negate movement speed penalty of blocking. If the target have the talent Martyr, both talents negate each other, resulting in a normal health pack. Prerequisite: Static Link, 40 thundercall, 20 Fortitude, Link Conduction [Common Talent, Thundercall exclusive] - While you have active tethers your lightning mantras cost less ether. User is covered in a blue highlight when the effect is active. All Mantras can be upgraded from their respective element and trainer as long as you have the points allocated into them. The most common prerequisites a Talent would need are: Some talents are mutually exclusive with other talents, meaning picking one mutually exclusive talent will remove the other talent from your talent pool. Attacking will cancel the effect early. (+1 Passive Agility). [This only applies to npcs. Offensive includes mentions to Race, Gender, Sexual Preference and Religion. Produce Spark [Flamecharm Exclusive, Common Mantra Card] - A simple production of Flame for the use of making Campfires. Cards such as Thundercaller, Flamecharmer, The Sound from Below, and Thresher Scales are but a few examples of this phenomenon. So, in the game, there are Swords, Spears, Daggers, Guns, Axes, Hammers, Legendary Weapons and Fists. Further scales with willpower, Prerequisites: 30 Fortitude, 30 Willpower, PEN calculation: incoming PEN * 0.6 = reduced incoming PEN. Wrought from durable darksteel, these blades were popularised by the Ignition Union as tools against the Deep. e.g. (+5 Elemental Intensity, +2 Health), Agility Unbounded [Common Talent] - You have gained the ability to surpass your limits and train your agility to its fullest. You may explore each Attunement located here. (+9 Carry Load, +1 Passive Agility). (+4 Ether, +2 Passive Agility), Prerequisites: 10 Agility, 35 Charisma, All Thief talents. If you're looking to deal a little more damage with your favourite Deepwoken weapons, you may want to pay attention to a recent update. Every other hit will deal bleed damage, and works with critical attacks as well. Savior [Common Talent] - After saving a player from being gripped gain a short speed boost for a short duration. (+4 Elemental Intensity), Prerequisites: Rising Flame, 25 Flamecharm, Phoenix Impact [Common Talent, Flamecharm Exclusive] - If you Meteor Slam an opponent whilst on fire, restore some HP and Ether. Pure Iron, and Pure Gold are not able to be turned to a blacksmith. Afterward, you strike down normally. The shield, for example, is a defensive item that'll only really be useful during certain combat encounters. Despite having the highest range of all the weapons, utilizing the range can often be difficult. It's only natural. There's probably some cracked power 60 guys wielding base swords and winning all their matches though. Full Reset [Common Talent] - Knocking an enemy resets your resonance cooldowns. Does not proc/work on people in the same guild as yours. With the hotly anticipated Deepwoken now out in the wild, the race is now on to progress quickly and master the Roblox game ahead of the competition. (+3 Elemental Intensity), Immolation [Flamecharm Exclusive, Common Talent] - Fire spells cost 70% less while on fire. Some stats may show with 2 different filters, which means they have dual requirements (2 attributes needed instead of 1). Fold [Obtained through Power] - Discard your current hand of Talents. Return to Apprentice Kj to finish the quest. Glare - Glare at your enemies, stunning them shortly after if they were looking at you. Prerequisites: 50 strength, 1 player grip, talk to Samael in Derelict Church (Songseeker Wilds) and kill Iblis, The Fallen Angel then return to Samael. Casting a mantra named "64 palms" will say "Palms!". Prerequisites: Power 13, 65 Thundercall, Second Interrogation, Battle Tendency [Common Talent, Fortitude] - You can breathe more easily with +20% faster posture regen. Fire Forge [1 Star Mantra] - Toss 3 daggers in a fan. Commands Given: "Sleep", "Drop", "Eat", "Say (Text)", "Use", "Locate", "Leech", Command: Fight [Common Talent] - Command your servants to fight for their master, granting them enhanced stats for a duration (+4 Ether, +4 Health), Prerequisites: 50 Charisma, Vow of Mastery, Effect: Buff speed slightly and major power boost, Prerequisites: 75 Charisma, other Vow of Mastery talents, Prerequisites: 60 Charisma, Vow of Mastery, Effect: Pulls the subject to you even through walls and if they're knocked they get up immediately, Command: Run [Common Talent] - Command your servant to run with all their might. Prerequisites: 40 Strength, 40 Agility OR 40 Charisma, 75 Weapon, be attunement-less, get knocked by a mantra from any max attunement user and get gripped by them, start the. A chant that steers you into the state of insanity for 20 seconds. Often referred to as "DSGS" by the community. Grants you the ability to access the PvP Arena. After a performing a Thundercall Combat Mantra, pressing F within a second afterwards delivers extra attacks. When Flame of Denial activates, release an explosion around you. Changing your stance will change the way you hold your weapon. Tell them about your wood. This is the least reccomended due to it being difficult for beginners but for the time it is a weapon able to swiftly endure you in an endless barage of pain. how does friction affect a race car positively and negatively,
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